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Recent articles
  • What to expect from stock prices this summer

    Fiala Petr, 14.7.2014 05:24, Capital markets
    I have prepared a few charts that might be helpfull in understanding of current conditions on markets.
  • Analysis of Capital Markets for June 26, 2014

    Fiala Petr, 26.6.2014 06:33, Capital markets
    Stock indices have refused to go down despite all the negative news regarding GDP print of -2.9% for 1Q/2014. Current euphoria must be really strong if there is almost no reaction to such a negative message about the state of the economy. Here is my view on the situation.
  • Performance Of Our Automated Trading Models

    Fiala Petr, 24.6.2014 19:43, Strategy
    I have calculated results of our trading and investing models for U.S. stocks and ETFs. We have three main models. 6S model is suitable for long-term investors, swing models are suitable for more aggressive traders. One model uses as trading vehicle leveraged ETFs, second one trades U.S stocks that went through our absolute strenght filter 6S.
  • What drives the price of gold

    Fiala Petr, 20.6.2014 11:21, Capital markets
    What are the key factors influencing the price of gold? There are a lot of various opinios from very respected authors on the internet. So here is my opinion.
  • Is this the right time to invest in mining stocks?

    Fiala Petr, 19.6.2014 05:09, Capital markets
    Today I have analysed stocks in the mining sector, as I see clear accumulation of gold and silver shares during the last few days. I looked also at seasonal charts and positions of traders ( COT reports) to find out what is the probability that this sector is bottoming. Here are the results.
  • Sentiment of Banks Part 2

    Fiala Petr, 4.6.2014 17:11, Sentiment Analysis
    I have prepared another three charts on the theme of the FED open market operations and how they influence asset prices.
  • Sentiment of Banks and Seasonal Factors

    Fiala Petr, 4.6.2014 03:16, Capital markets
    I have prepared three charts that show typical sesonality of stocks, the third one is derived from COT data issued by CFTC ( US Commodity Futures Trading Commission).
  • Is Gold Safe Alternative to Stocks When Stock Markets Are Peaking?

    Fiala Petr, 28.4.2012 09:41, Capital markets
    In recent days , many reports saying that stock markets may be near the spring price peak after a long growth have emerged. If this is true and the price peak in stock prices will appear in the near future, then the question is: what should I invest in?
  • Analysis of Capital Markets for April 28, 2012

    Fiala Petr, 28.4.2012 09:15, Capital markets
    What we can expect from the markets next week.
  • Cyclical Index vs. SPY

    Fiala Petr, 21.4.2012 14:40, Capital markets
    Comparison of SMART index (cyclical stocks) and SPY.
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