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    11.7.2014 12:36

    SWING strategy using ETF index

    Fiala Petr, 11.7.2014 12:36, Shares, charts: 19
    This easy strategy is based on two indicators. XX SCORE is composite of 8 indicators including volume. Therefore maximum and minimum level of the oscillator is very stable and suitable for decision making. FAST XX SCORE is the same oscillator, however calculation periods are shorter.
  • 11.7.2014 11:45

    Gold Seasonality and Key Factors for Metals

    Fiala Petr, 11.7.2014 11:45, Commodities, charts: 5
    Here are some important charts that every gold investor should see. Seasonality is very important in current market environment and so is a sentiment of traders. I am using COT reports for determining this.
  • 11.7.2014 06:25

    COT reports

    Fiala Petr, 11.7.2014 06:25, Commodities, charts: 10
    Set of COT reports charts. You can find an explanation of the matter in the EDUCATION section. For long-term investments it is always better to choose situations where the Commercials group is in LONG positions (and the speculator group is in Net SHORT positions). This reflects the situation when pessimism is ever-present and a "bad" mood is dominant. You can often find negative news in the newspapers.
  • 11.7.2014 05:25

    FED activities ( open market operations )

    Fiala Petr, 11.7.2014 05:25, Shares, charts: 5
    In this set of charts you can get some informations that are unique.