Help for investment advisory group

The www.finecharts.com website contains a number of options, with which you can reach out to a potential client. It is the possibility to write ARTICLES, ONLINE ANALYSES, inform readers through reports in the CALENDAR OF EVENTS section, and create DISCUSSIONS.  However, the basic prerequisite for an advisor to be successful is having the right tools to be able to perform analysis. Only then can he present it to someone. Our website contains the right information for analyzing data. You have the option of combining stock prices with COT report information, thus open trader positions of significant traders in futures markets in the U.S. You can also analyze operations of the FED central bank, and the sentiment of individual groups of traders in stock markets (smart-dumb money). You can analyze all of this information in one single chart. Analysts also have the option of using multiple time frames in one chart, which is a very practical way of analyzing markets. Our annotation editor has a very good functionality, and many interesting functions that make data analyses easier. If you want to inform readers, you can also target new clients with your information, if you publish the information in the form of articles or published analyses of online charts free with unlimited access. However, you can also use the possibilities of our website and establish your own advisory website (within www.finecharts.com) that will be limited to your paying clients.  If you are interested in this option, contact us. 

Poslední aktualizace: 12.6.2011