Event calendar

The EVENT CALENDAR is a section that the users themselves contribute to, like in the ARTICLES or PUBLISHED ANALYSES sections. We established this section here so that investors and traders could exchange information that they consider important for some reason, and want to share it with others, including their own opinions. Therefore, information communication does not have to be unimaginative as it is in official agency news; with people exchanging opinions with each other the discussion participants can reach new conclusions. It's up to the website users, whether they are interested in communicating with each other in this way.
Another advantage is that from the huge amount of information that appears in the media today, here you can find only the truly essential information.
Today reports of significant companies are inserted in the EVENT CALENDAR - roughly till May, information about U.S. holidays (stock markets are closed), information about certain stock splits, and information about the U.S. Central Bank meetings. The last type of information are the expiration dates of futures in the U.S. (only of stock indices).  However, this is just the framework - guideline for the others, these topics can be developed, or other information can be added.

Where can we find this information?

All of the users' products are available in the USER CONTRIBUTIONS section.

Figure: The section USER CONTRIBUTIONS/EVENT CALENDAR - front page At the top we can see calendars with individual information and days in months. You can move the months, and the information about individual events sorted under the calendar move with them.                      A reader, who wants to find certain information can use the filter. He can filter by topic. CENTRAL BANKS, MACRODATA, MARKETS, COMPANIES, BONDS, COMPANY REPORTS, and OTHERS are some entries for selecting a topic. We can also sort events by the date of event, date of eventual modification, date of report insertion, number of comments, and user ratings.

Figure: After clicking on the title of a certain report, a window with the complete report will open.  Here every reader can rate it, or add his own comment. Thanks to the rating, more readers can get quality information.

Figure: Event commentary

Where and how can I insert new reports

We insert new reports similarly to how we insert articles or published analyses in the section MY FINECHARTS/MY CONTRIBUTIONS.

Figure: In the figure we can see a number of contributions from one author sorted by date of publication.  On the right of each row of an individual report there are two icons. The first icon with the pencil allows you to move to editing mode, and edit the report at any time. The second icon enables you to delete the report. In the upper right corner a button for inserting new information is highlighted in a red box.

Creating a new contribution

After clicking on the button INSERT NEW INFORMATION, a form for inserting a report will open.

Figure: Inserting a new report - you must not only fill in the name and text of the report, but also the associated windows, which enables the report to be found by readers using filters, or readers searching for information related to a certain date or stock symbol (of a certain company). The option to search for all information available on our website related to a certain company is given by using the window, which is located in the upper right corner in our figure. If you write the name of a certain symbol in this window, then all the information related to this symbol will appear - articles, analyses, discussions, reports.

Let's assume that we finished writing the report from the previous figure, and confirmed it with the button SUBMIT located in the lower right corner. You can see the result in the following figure.
Figure: The saved report will appear at the top, sorted by the date of publication, in the section USER CONTRIBUTIONS/EVENT CALENDAR.

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