Help - my account

Help - my account

Here are all the instructions that every user should know; how to create a personal account, how they can influence what other website users can find out about us, where to set up billing information, etc. You can find the solutions to these basic settings in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS section.  

Account settings

This section has four sub-sections: 

  • Personal and contact information - some boxes are mandatory, others are optional. The information entered here can be viewed by other users if you write articles - provided that you allow the publication of your personal information in the sub-section of of the section PRIVACY SETTINGS.

  • Billing information - if you are running a business and you would like to put your subscription bills into your bookkeeping, you can set the necessary billing information here.

  • Personal profile - this information, including a photograph of you, can be viewed by other Finecharts website users if you are actively publishing.

  • Privacy settings - here you can determine which personal information you want to make public when writing articles, or in your profile.

Figure: How does the section "Personal profile" look

Figure: The section PRIVACY SETTINGS allows you to determine what personal information will be made public when you write articles.

You can make other settings concerning your personal account in the MY SUBSCRIPTION section. 

This section has four sub-sections: 

  1. My subscription - this section is informational, and it contains all the current information about your account.

       2. Services provided by me - if you would like to provide payed services yourself on our website, then you can find information  
           about these services in this sub-section. If you are interested contact us. 

       3. History of orders - here is a list of all the services you have ordered from Finecharts.com.

        4. Subscription order - on this page you can order a type of subscription that is most convenient for you. However, there is               currently only one option for everyone; everything is still free. 

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